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pops c
07-11-2011, 23:10
Last weekend hiking just east of Molino Basin I noticed someone had just scraped away ~ the top inch of soil creating a berm on the side of the trail. (I appreciate the effort, but…) Although this may look nice and smooth it creates a drainage issue. Keeping water on the trail will do more harm than good in short order. “Work” was done since I was last on this trail about mid-May (Probably right before the fire closure). I hope to be contacting the local Forest Service trail coordinator w/ info. For what it’s worth just want to remind everyone drainage features are critical to maintaining tread in a desert environment!

Pops c

07-12-2011, 08:58
And I will forward this post on to the AZT Steward. Thank you for the feedback.

Berming seems to be a perennial issue with volunteer trail building. I'm new in the field for the last couple of seasons and am still learning proper drainage techniques. It seems the crew bosses are always correcting us for leaving berms. I guess we still miss a few.

I hope to see you out there sometime, and welcome to Whiteblaze.