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02-07-2005, 02:05
This is an interesting perhaps historical post about this website. I recently came over from trailjournals and was impressed by the much more active site and #'s of posts on a daily basis. I happened to be looking for a particular hiker, and ended up sorting all members by # of posts. Interesting facts I learned: There are FOURTEEN members with more than 1000 posts, and two members, Sgt Rock and Smokymtnsteve, with MORE POSTS THAN THE NUMBER OF MILES ON THE AT! Wow, thats a lot of posts. Maybe we should have the "post per mile club" for those with more than 2168 posts. Give em a free shirt or something lol. Thanks to all for so much posting, it creates a wonderful repository of info for all hikers. And thanks to Attoll, for your devotion to the site. After viewing many sites, this is definitely the most comprehensive.

02-07-2005, 12:21
wbdent That would be a good idea but there would be two draw backs to this. One, we have no funds to give out free T-shirts. Two, if we did something like this it would encourage users to post just to get a high post count. That would mean that some of the post would not be quality post but junk just to get their post count higher. We have users now that like to post to try and stir others up or just to see there name on the site. I guess it makes them feel good, I donít know the reason.

wbdent So we can not afford to do this for those two reasons. But it was a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion.