View Full Version : Backpacker magazine, August 2011 issue, all-purpose light hikers pg. 42-43

House of Payne
07-16-2011, 16:43
Any thoughts on these 5 shoes that are mentioned here? I have taken a liking to Lowa Tempest Lo for the best support and the pigskin outers. They are giving to shoes kudos for the midsole taken from the Lowas boot line for stability. My second thougths are with the Merrel Chameleon 3's. Anyone have either of these shoes?

Going to post this in 'general' as well


12-31-2011, 05:36
just purchased chameleon stretch 3 these look cool feel well havent tested in field yet but for sure have to wear a lighter sock because of snugness of ankle fit wich i like the biggest perk is speedlacing