View Full Version : section hiking august 18th ME to NY

07-19-2011, 02:56
hello all
so i have decided that i will be section hiking heading out from baxter state park heading south to my home in upstate ny ,
im in pretty good shape and im thinking the trip will take about 30- 45 days as i figured it to be about 600 miles ,so i will be getting home the end of september ..i have a spitfire tent, 30 degree bag ,A katadin water filter,sleeping pad ,3l platypus, A trangia mini ,big agnes sleeping pad ,water bottle,extras like ropes and ductape a compass ,my question is there anything anyone can think of i may be missing for a trip this time of year ? ,will hunting season be a problem ? And last is i still have yet to purchase clothing ,what clothing would be needed this time of year and how much of it ,
i understand i have quite a few question but im very excited about this trip and want to be prepared to make it thru
also anyone in the area at that time it would be great to hike a few days with someone if interested send me a message
peace love nature -japhy