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07-22-2011, 11:19
So im looking at going on a 3 week trip from Fontana to Springer. Im really not looking at doing a drop point until the half way point so I will have a week and a halfs worth of food and all of my gear. Is an 85L to big or is this an ok size. I know I will have extra room which is fine with me but im wondering if it is going to be just to big?


07-22-2011, 14:09
That's too large for me, but I wouldn't carry ten days of food in Georgia -- there's ample food resupply along the way every 3-5 days. Even in the winter, with 5 days of food, a 60 liter pack is plenty for me, though of course your gear may vary.

In any case the Aether 85 is certainly a well made pack. The problem that I have with "extra room" is that I tend to fill it up with stuff.

When is your hike?

07-22-2011, 14:25
We were going to go from I40 to Unicoi.... Instead we are just going to go from Fontana to Springer. We are heading out the 25th of September. I was kind of worried if I used a large pack if I would just fill it up with junk. I have a feeling I am but oh well. This is my first hike so at least I will learn from my mistakes. Thanks for all the help

House of Payne
07-22-2011, 18:14
Stick with your packing list plan, just because you may have some extra room in that size bag do not fill it up with non-essentials. Do you know how much space you need without food and water? My guess (for me) would be between 2,000 - 2,500 cu in without food and water, maybe a grand total of 3,000 - 3,250 with everything. (3-5 days of food)