View Full Version : Kelty Pacific Crest 5000 external frame backpack

07-22-2011, 14:27
I need some help here. I took the pack off the frame last year and in the process didn't pay much attention to exactly how it was attached. Now I can't figure out how it goes back on. I called Kelty but they don't know either. The big problem is the plastic rod which is shaped like a "U". I am not sure how this is attached. Anybody have experience with this pack or a diagram?

Tom Murphy
07-22-2011, 16:54
The U-rod goes in a sleeve sewn into the edge of the pack top opening, the edge opposite the frame. Then the rod is placed inside the pack and postioned at an angle to the front middle of the pack where it comes out two sewn slots. The two holes in the ends of the rod are fastened to the frame with the pins that are used to adjusted the frame torso length. Have you tried to search the kelty website? the pacl instruction for my winter pack, a kelty 5500, include this instructions. Or go to any store that sells kelty externals and read the instructions that are in the packs?

07-22-2011, 18:13
Thank you for the response. You got me looking at the pack in a slightly different way. I located the 3rd sleeve. On this pack it is in the middle of the back attached to a hard plate. There are two other sleeves, one on each side running at right angles to the horizontal top sleeve.One end of the rod is threaded up one side sleeve , threaded over through the top sleeve and down through the other side sleeve. It was tough making the rod fit through the last sleeve because of the bend. Had to manipulate fabric and rod to make it. The rod ends are then pointing toward the bottom o0f the pack where there is a pocket which slips over the frame and held with a velcro snap. Attached to the pocket is the waist belt. Presumably the ends of the rod slip down into the pocket. I think this is right. Thanks again. .