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07-26-2011, 13:40
Been using this site for a few years now and finally decided to get an account and join the community. :)

I'm starting a SOBO Long Trail E2E on September 1st of this year. I've done many short term backpacking trips (2-6 nights) but this will be my first foray into "long distance" hiking. As I've seen often done here, I've attached my gear list and hope to have it critiqued.

A couple of notes about the list:
-I will have access to a copy of the latest E2E guide, one of the people thru hiking with me has a copy, so its not included in my list
-Not on the list are a couple old synthetic dress shirts (tip from another post on here) to hike in, well broken in hiking shoes (older waterproof Vasque ones), and my trekking poles (REI Peak UL)
-I want to cut weight by leaving the rain pants behind, but it also seems like preparing for heavy rain this time of year is wise
-No pillow, always use stuff sack with misc. as pillow
-still trying to find a source for a 5'x9' sheet of Tyvek HomeWrap without buying a 100' roll from Home Depot/Lowes

Any suggestions/comments are welcomed!

Thanks in advance!

mark schofield
07-26-2011, 16:44
I've never used rain pants. I hike in shorts (convertible for the evenings). You have soap. Why the hand sanitizer. Plastic shovel maybe not necessary. Any camp shoes/crocks? I bring a pair of wool socks for the evenings. It gets chilly up north at night. Possibly a construction site for Tyveck. Buy the guys coffee. Or a thin plastic painters drop cloth from Wallys. A nice time to hike the LT.

07-26-2011, 17:28
Looks light n right dude! have a good hike!

Comet Omega
07-26-2011, 18:53
Leaving SOBO E2E a day or two before you, but you are carrying a lighter load. Fleece/Cap/Rain Coat warm enough for you, but my thin blood needs another layer in the form of a down sweater! Maybe see you guys out there. Good Luck!

07-27-2011, 13:24
Great List-- I hav my summer pack weight to 13 lbs---Can't seem to get it much down fom there as a light backpacker. thanks.

Tom Murphy
07-27-2011, 14:05
I would leave the water bladder and hose and go with two 1L gatorade bottles. I made that change and have been happy with the results.

I would leave the plastic shovel at home.

I would add another set of socks for a total of three [alternate sets of hiking socks and a thicker set for sleeping].

I assume that the rain jacket fits over the fleece. You might need both layers and the quilt before the hike is done.

On the fence about the pants, I have used mine when off-trail in wet conditions and as a layer when my sleep system was marginal.

I would bring my smartwool liner gloves.

I might add my llbean down vest. Depends on previous experience with the cap2's, fllece jacket, and quilt.

I use the same filter/purifer, but very happy to see it here. It weighs a brick but I find the ability to use really sketchy water sources worth the weight. And it has been a dry summer so far, the water sources will be low.

No camera, no journal, no paperback? <That is pretty hardcore. Kudos.>

07-27-2011, 14:43
Looks like a great list it should be a great time to do it, did the LT last August and loved it. I would leave the rain pants and plastic shovel like other posters mentioned. I used a Jam2 last summer as well and it worked awesome.

Definitely something to check out is Ritterbush Pond, SOBO its a dock house on the left just before Devils Gulch and Spruce Ledge shelter. Its a few shacks on a Pond owned by Johnson State. Stayed there last summer and it was the best night on the trail. :cool:

07-27-2011, 15:25
Not a big fan of rain pants either, but can see their benefit on the LT.
Depending on your bug tolerance, you can probably skip the Deet that time of year.
Check construction dumpsters for the tyvek but many don't use "Tyvek" anymore. Most use that cheaper fiber stuff that won't last as a ground sheet.

07-29-2011, 12:32
Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone!

-Will switch out the bladder for a gatorade bottle, just makes sense to go lighter especially if the cost is next to nothing.
-Sounds like I should add a bit more warmth,
-I do plan on bringing pen/paper and a camera, just forgot to include those in the list!
-On that note, does anyone have any suggestions of lightweight cameras? DSLR's are out of my budget, looking for a good point n shoot...
-This may be obvious, but I'm assuming since everyone is suggesting to leave behind the shovel that there are basic latrines near the shelters?
-Still in debate about the rain pants and ground sheet, might try one of those polycryo ground sheets if I don't have any luck with the Tyvek. Anyone recommend/hate the polycryo?

Drewby25 - Thanks for the suggestion! added a note on my map to check out Ritterbush Pond

07-29-2011, 12:39
Forgot to add - Comet Omega - good luck as well, maybe our paths will cross on the trail!

Tom Murphy
07-29-2011, 13:30
Trowel - I use a stick to dig a scat hole.

More insulation - if you have the cash, wait and see how you are doing; if you need a bit more there are outfitters in every town. I use my llbean down vest as stuffing in my sack stuff "pillow" so its dual use :)

Check out this blog: sectionhiker.com
Phil has good write ups on all of his sections hikes of the LT He ended up using the shelters a lot more than he originally planned

I have a Canon point and shoot, PowerShot A3300 IS , which has image stabilzation, great for the trail, but nothing like the DSLRs

You might want to consider the models that use AA batteries like the PowerShot A1200