View Full Version : Blackrock Hammock Pillow

07-26-2011, 22:16
I don't think I saw any sort of post by blackrockgear here. I do know that there are a good number of hangers on this website. Blackrockgear (yes, the dude who makes the best hat in the world) has an elite down hammock pillow.


He put a lot of thought into this design and it is really a perfect blend of lightweight and sheer luxury. 900 fill down fluffs up to give JUST enough support. The blue face kind of feels like an old T shirt - super soft. Last the suspension is well thought out and works very well attached to a ridgeline or a peak bag.

I carried mine on my past 5 day trip and it was awesome (base weight below 8 lbs including a big DSLR camera).

Anyway, I really like the cottage industry guys, and this dude is one of the best...