View Full Version : Trail Conditions in Massachusetts?

07-27-2011, 13:03
As previously noted, the wife and I will be hiking from Lee to Dalton, Mass. next week. I've heard that there have been some pretty nasty storms in that area the past couple of days, so if anybody has info on blowdowns or, particularly flooding (since that area is boggy, anyway) on the trail, I would be much obliged if they would pass it along.


Tom Murphy
07-27-2011, 13:40
No first hand information, sorry.

The tornados from a few weeks ago were west of the AT.

We have had a very dry month, even with the little bit of rain yesterday.

I would expect any water sources listed as seasonal to be dry.


Tom Murphy
07-27-2011, 13:41
oops, the tornadoes were east of the AT

Migrating Bird
07-27-2011, 14:38
I live 10 miles west of the AT. We had a bad series of micro bursts and possibly on tornado yesterday with heavy rain. We needed the rain as it has been a dry July. I would expect that the trail is fine. The deer flies and skeeters are out in full force now. As always check for ticks. Have a great hike.

lemon b
07-27-2011, 15:30
Was on it over the weekend. Actually was alot of work done between Rte 20 and Washington Mt Road. Brook behind Oct Mt shelter was very low. We needed the rain.

07-29-2011, 19:13
I was in the Great Barrington/Monterey/Tyringham area all week and the trail was perfect and there seemed to be lots of water.

lemon b
07-30-2011, 00:20
If I can get this car squared away planning on being someplace on the trail Saturday afternoon thru Sunday. A big thank you to whoever humped in those thousand or so pounds of rock to fix that washout area North of Bald Mt. and humping in a chainsaw South of that washout to clear that big tree off the trail, not to mention fixing those stone stairs. A lot of the boards in low lying areas need to be replaced. The cost and labor to do that has got to be huge. This hiker is very grateful. Might contact the AMC Berkshire Chapter and see what I can do to pitch in.