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07-29-2011, 00:03
I got interesting in this hammock hiking thing, trying to talk the hubby into trying this with me instead of dragging our 9 pound 2 man tent around. He does not seem to like this alternative while I am all for it. Why, cause he tosses and turns in his sleep and he is terrified he is going to end up falling out in the middle of the night and busting his head open. I tell him that the inner ear equilibrium blah blah blah thing will wake him before he ever hits the dirt... yet he don't believe me. So I am curious... is falling out of the hammock while your sleeping really a huge issue?

Red Hat
07-29-2011, 00:35
no, he won't fall, but why is anyone carrying a 9 lb tent? There are great 2 man tents in 2 lb range.... about the same as a hammock....

07-29-2011, 00:40
Well it is actually more like a 3 or 4 man tent. He refuses to get anything smaller cause he needs room to move around. For us though it is a 2 man tent. And I have to give it to him... he takes up a large majority of it.

07-29-2011, 00:43
Oh, By the way... I been trying my best to dig up reviews on the Go Fast Go light brand Hammocks but I am coming up empty handed. Does anyone know if they are any good?

Red Hat
07-29-2011, 00:45
he'd probably toss and turn a lot less in a hammock, but get one he can't fall out of, like a Warbonnet Blackbird or a Hennessey. Someone in TN would probably let you try one out.

07-29-2011, 00:57
I will check them out, thanks hun.

Joey C
07-29-2011, 05:29
There are large size double hammocks that will offer plenty of room. I have slept in a Hennessy, Grand Trunks, and my current hammock the Warbonnet Traveler with out any chance of falling out in my sleep. These hammocks conform to your body and sort of "hug" you. Much more comfortable than the ground and very safe.

There's a wealth of info on www.hammockforums.net which is an off-shot of this site. For some great explanations of hammocks and awesome humor, go to youtube and search for shugemery, then check out his hammocks for noob's series 1 -11. All you need to know, and tons of entertainment.

07-29-2011, 15:50
I can't imagine moving so much in the average backcountry hammock that you'd fall out. I think he'd find the hammock much more comfortable than the ground.

07-29-2011, 16:24
Its not like you're going to fall out of single hammock and getting a double doesn't make that much sense unless you are big and/or you like a lot of material wrapped around you. They are not like the back yard mint julip sipping hammocks that ARE tipsy. Getting into a top loading hammock, especially if you're trying to get situated on a pad or in a sleeping bag can be a little tricky, but once you're in, you're in. Besides, most camping hammocks have nets attached which essentially make them enclosed.

07-29-2011, 16:33
The way backcountry, gahtered-end hammocks are designed, about the only time you could fall out is when you are first sitting down to get in. You just missed an east TN group hang on the 15-17 of this month. There is nearly always a hang in Hot Spring, NC in mid September as well. It is a great time to head down and actually see and try out hammocks, as well as having a great time in a small resort town that is surprisingly reasonably priced.

Go to Hammockforums.com and ask about folks in the northeast TN area. There are many. Between those folks and regional hangs, you should be able to easily lay hands on and put butts into hammocks to see how they will work for you.

07-29-2011, 19:12
Get a hammock with a mosquito net. Pretty much impossible to fall out of it. I recommend Hennessey Hammocks.

07-29-2011, 19:43
Ok, since Spider used the H word, I'm legally obligated to recommend the Warbonnet Blackbird (http://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com).

Raul Perez
07-29-2011, 20:45
:eek: and so it begins LOL

For the record as others have stated, the dedicated camping hammocks wont flip over.

Here's a video of the black bird and traveler hammock (there are others but I like these):