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The Will
02-09-2005, 22:24
I have owned the HH Light Racer A-Sym for over a year now. Tom is really reluctant to sell this model to anyone who intends to use it for backpacking purposes rather than racing (potential durability issues). The longest continuous use I have put it through thus far was six days on Isle Royal Nat'l Park. So far everything about my experience with this model has been great. I've slept in an absolute down pour and stayed dry. I should note that as hard as it was raining, it was all vertical rain and since the fly provides minimal coverage, some creative staking and guylining would be required in the event of more horizontal rain.

The hammock fabric is indeed lightweight, perhaps to the point of having the appearence of vulnerability. But I am one of those that can be some-what over-the-top when if comes to the care of gear and as yet I haven't noticed any signs of wear. I guess the point of my post is to see if their are others who have experience with this model or the HH Adventure Racer. Has anyone experienced problems with durability regarding either of these models? Any fly pitching strategies you can suggest in the event of wind-blown rain?

02-10-2005, 00:05
I too swithched to the extreme light racer. It has about 30 nights on it...longest straight stretch was 7 continuous nights....I too got the call, "Did I under stand that there was no warrantty etc"...I replied, "I did and wanted that model emphatically"...it came and I am soooo happy... :jump ... it is roomy and I (5-11) lay flatter (same size as the larger model, the Explorer)...got rid of the minimal fly and substituted a Jacks R Better 8x8 Tarp with diagonal ridge seam....

Hammock with trees savers 15 oz , JRB 8x8 tarp with 4ea 9 foot 2mm accessory cords 11 oz, JRB Python skins 2 oz.....Whole rig with great tarp (I'm biased, but others who agee aren't biased) is 28 oz or about 5 oz less than the smaller Backpacker UL Asym with tree savers 33 oz on the same scale. :D

If weight savings is your goal consider an under quilt for 20 oz and getting rid of your pad (6-24 oz depending on the specific model ) and a fleece top/jacket (12-24 oz depending on model). Most save about 10-12 oz with this switch.

The lighter fabric of the Extreme light racer is more comfortable than the Backpacker and Explorer models....more conforming...If comfort is the goal the under quilt is a sure winner, again...no stiff or semistiff pad...no westling to get and keep it positioned...no laying in the sweat pool because it doesen't breath...

If not mistaken, Medicine Man has this model also.

02-10-2005, 02:55
and after owning it and comparing it to the backpacker a-sym I would never go back...longest stretch 19 nights....it is simply more comfortable (6'1" 192). just a simple math calculation=comfy,larger, less weight.
Even if it did only last one season I'd still get one,,,,but like all have mentioned, if you respect the gear it will surpass your expectations.

The other bonus if your doing the math is that if your on the borderline considering another hammock essential like an underquilt and you have the heavier hammocks, switching to the Light Racer will negate most of the weight punishment.

I just remember the first time my oldest daughter climbed in a hammock--this after a week at church camp on platforms----PERMAGRIN

02-10-2005, 08:07
What's it made of?

The Hennessy site says it's 30 D ripstop. Is that equivalent to .08oz? 1.1oz? 1.9oz?

It's got to be pretty light. But it seems a lot of people building their own use 1.9 and double it up....two layers. I know at least on the Expedition models the hammock body is a single layer. Is it still a single layer in the Racer models?

02-10-2005, 08:23
but when you asked what its made of my first answer would have been GOLD

02-10-2005, 09:15
1.1oz ripstop is 30 denier. Whether its the same fabric or whether Hennessy has a special fabric milled, I couldn't tell you for sure, although from what I've seen from the company previously, I'd bet that it was plain ole' 1.1oz ripstop. That's not saying anything bad about the company, I just don't think they have a great need to develop new fabrics for their products.


02-10-2005, 09:31
it seems a lot of people building their own use 1.9 and double it up....two layers.

Sorry, I didn't read your question in full the first time :)

You've got to understand that many people are used to gear and the way it is made by manufacturers. Companies like Marmot or Golite have a Warranty to stand behind. They can't afford to put out a product with an expected life of 50 or 100 nights (or whatever the expected life is), because their marketing departments have boxed them into a "build it tougher" corner. Even many of the Golite packs are made from a 4oz Spectra ripstop fabric...a fabric that you could litterally drag from GA to ME a couple of times its so durable. Most products that we buy are so overbuilt and overengineered its beyond funny.

I've made several hammocks from a single layer of 1.1oz ripstop. I haven't really tested them for long-term durability as they were all prototypes, but I've never had one completely fail on me (except for the first time I tried Hennessy's method of attaching the hammock to the suspension line...It's tricky, although I can do it correctly now, but whipped ends are superior).

The hardest part, at least from my perspective, is creating the Hennessy entry/exit in such a lightweight material. It's just a slit, but even the usualy amount of reinforcement seems not to be enough.

For those who have the Extreme Light racer or Adventure racer, what type of reinforcement material is used for the entry/exit? Is it the same as the fabric used for the hammock, or is the same as what's used on the Ultralight Backpacker?


02-10-2005, 10:01
Howie and White Mtns et al,

My Extreme light Racer appears to be regular 1.1...We have a fair experience with 1.1 and it sure seem like 1.1...if it is different, it is darn close....

As to the slit....It is made and reinforced the same, style and apparent materiel as my Backpacler UL Asym...And yes it is a heavier materiel...my guess some 2-3 oz range stuff...just a "key hole" shaped piece of it though.

BTW, this model has velcro on the slit....The Adventure Racer does not have the velcro...it is also cut smallerand has a smaller fly. neither have the sliding ridge line pouch....the AR I once examined seemed to be of the same material as the Extreme Light Racer...given the smaller size and lower rating I would not recommend the AR unless you are short and under the specified weight...The Extreme Light Racer is a lot more hammock for very little penalty in weight and money.
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