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Tammy Petry
07-30-2011, 15:43
Ming Garden Chinese Buffet
316 W Federal Street
(540) 942-8800
AYCE Lunch M-F $7.50;Dinner $10.95; Weekends AYCE $10.95 (as of July 30, 2011)
Excellent food and greatprices. Serves beer and wine. Delivers locally. Open 7 days.
Best Chinese buffet in theValley. Includes sushi. Weekend buffet usually includes some type ofseafood like crab legs. Pretty décor and kind staff/servers.
On the east end of townclosest to trail.
Located near Kroger(grocery store).
Accepts Visa and Visadebit, probably most others too. (I have Visa, sorry).
ATM at nearby Kroger(inside) and near banks (24-hour).

Weasie’s Kitchen
130 East Broad Street
(540) 943-0500
Down home Southern cookingat its best. Menu only. Huge portions for very low $$.
Located on East side oftown nearest to the AT.
Call for hours and types ofCC accepted.

Tastee Freez
Great tasting food but VERYexpensive. Long wait, poor service.
The nearest fast foodburger joint on east side of town.

Ciros (pizza and subs)
901 West Broad Street
(540) 942-5169
Excellent pizza and subs,esp the hot steak and cheese sub. Pizzasauce is awesome. Reasonable prices andserving sizes. Great food and staff isusually pretty entertaining. Worth it.
Across from Quality Inn andnearby laundry.

Sam’s Hot Dogs
416 ½ West Main Street
(540) 942-9093
Excellent hot dogs/chilidogs. Prices as of July 30, 2011: Onedog is $1.61 and a “six pack basket” is only $8.05! Very nice, hiker friendly, super prices andtastes delish. Hours are M-F 10-5 andSaturday 10-4. Closed on Sunday.
Located in downtownWaynesboro, not far from the library and YMCA. Many banks with outdoor/24-hour ATMs.

07-30-2011, 17:32
Gotta love this sign posted on door at Ming Garden


07-30-2011, 23:10
Waynesboro is a very hiker friendly town. Last year we got a ride into town from one of the visitor center volunteers to the YMCA for a shower. Ming Garden had great food (and lots of it), plus they let us bring our packs inside. One of the locals even picked up our tab for dinner. Camped across from the Y that night, but trains in the night can keep you up. Weasie's for breakfast has an AYCE pancake plate or any other standard diner breakfast fare. The library is close to the Y for computer access. We thought Waynesboro gave Damascus some stiff competition for friendliest trail town.

07-31-2011, 00:59
Very friendly people in Waynesboro. I stopped in at the little museum run by the historical society there and while I was there I struck up a conversation with the lady that worked there...when she realized I was interested in the local history there she called up a member of the historical society and he picked me up and took me to an old farmhouse they owned and gave me a private tour.

Tammy Petry
07-31-2011, 02:59
Classy sign, WingedMonkey. LOL! I didn't see that last year when I was living in Waynesboro...funny...can't wait to go home.

Tammy Petry
07-31-2011, 03:00
That's awesome! Makes me proud :D

Tammy Petry
07-31-2011, 03:07
Thanks for the correction to my Weasies info. I rarely do breakfast anywhere, lol! Glad you enjoyed your stay.