View Full Version : Best Pizza Place and Best Burger Joint on the NCT

07-30-2011, 23:45
Hi Everyone

I'm taking a poll on the Best Pizza Place and another poll on the
Best Burger Joint on the NCT. These places would have to be
within 10 miles of the trail. Preferably, they would be closer
than that, but sometimes the nearest town that would be big
enough to have a restaurant, is a little bit further away.

My vote goes like this

Pizza Place: Benson's, Walker, MN

Best Burger Joint: Burger Night (Wednesday Nights) at the
American Legion, Grand Marais, MN,

Walker is a little farther off the trail (5 miles) but has all the amenities
which other nearby towns may not have. It's located on
the shore of Leech Lake in North Central Minnesota.

Grand Marais is located in North Eastern Minnesota on the shore
of Lake Superior. The Superior Hiking Trail is less than a mile
from the town.

Regards from me Todd McMahon

10-04-2011, 14:13
Try Clyde's in St Ignace, MI. Just after the bridge in the UP and they have amazing burgers. Don't know about a pizza joint yet.