View Full Version : need help with baxter state park reservations

08-05-2011, 11:40
like the title said i need help understanding the campground reservation system....as i read the info, these are the facts i understand..if i am wrong on any please let me know...1)reservations can only be made by filling the reservation request form out and sending it in...2)reservation requests can not be made before 4 months before your desired date of arrival...and the confusing part to me..3)reservations can not be sent in before 7 days of your "reservation"...does this mean they will not respond to your request if it arrives in there office before the date 4 months prior to the requested arrival date....hope these questions are clear enoy...thanks

08-05-2011, 13:05
Call the friendly ladies up at the park office, they will put you straight. I believe that it is correct that you can not send them too early (I.E 11 days and 4 months to your arrival and they send them back unprocessed).

Do note there are also "last minute reservations" which occur when the 20% of the campsites that are reserved for mainers are opened up to the general public, I believe its two weeks in advance and it is the only reservation you can do by phone.

The reality is unless you are going for a prime site on a prime weekend, you are very likely to get a spot. A hint is that dont make reservations for just one site, include two or three backups at other site in the same reservation request. If Katahdin stream is your first pick, include a second choice for Abol and possibly one for roaring brook. The other hint is that you can request specific shelters and campsites, you can look up a campsite map on the website and choose a specific tentsite or shelter. If you do make sure you submit an alternative like "if #9 isnt available then anyone will do.

The last option is to drive up to Millinocket on opening day in January, then you can most likely get anywhere you want to go.

Yes its a hassle but its worth it once you are there. I will be up there in three weeks.

08-05-2011, 16:05
thanks for the info peakbagger...answered my questions so far...will be the first time climbing in the area and want to have all my ducks in a row...thanks again...if anyone else can ad any helpful hints that would be greak...thanks again