View Full Version : Easy airport access

02-10-2005, 22:13
from about glasglow, VA (May 26th) what airport would be the easiest to get to. and how should I get there? the only options I can up with are Charleston, WV Greensboro, NC and Richmond VA.

Jack Tarlin
02-10-2005, 22:47
There is a small airport in nearby Roanoke that might be able to help you, depending on where you need to go. Check http://www.roanokeregionalairport.com

02-11-2005, 11:35
I'd definitely check out Roanoke. Hikerhead picked me up there on a direct flight from Detroit and shuttled me to Buena Vista, just north of Glasgow. Mapquest estimates that it's only 55 minutes down I-81 to the airport, which sounds right to me.