View Full Version : Anyone using this water system? Geigerrig

Mrs Baggins
08-06-2011, 07:21

Wondering if anyone is using this? Saw it demonstrated at a hiker seminar a couple of months ago. Seems like a good thing but I think I'd worry about that "slide top" coming loose and leaking, and the "bulk" of the bladder being "pumped up" with air. Right now I use a 2 liter platypus with tube/bite valve, and an MSR Waterworks pump/filter. :-?

08-06-2011, 08:21
I have one but have not field tested it.
Its a tough unit and I would not worry too much about it bursting but I dry bag everything anyway.

You can set it up as a pump, which is what I intended but it is heavy at about 14-16 oz total with a sawyer filter.
IE the GR would be your dirty bag.
IE fill up the GR, reverse feed pump through a filter into an internal bladder or containers ETC.

Still I think if you used say a 3L as you only water carrier it would be pretty nice. You would just install a
inline filter in the main tube.

You could also set it up as an outdoor shower.