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08-06-2011, 11:52
I have a Mountain Hardwear tent that is a few years old. There is a seam on one side, near the bottom that was glued. I don't know what happened (maybe the dogs) but the the seam cane undone on the one side, and goes up one corner a little. I contacted Mountain Hardwear about it and they told me they don't fix glued seams, but I could send them the tent and they would give me credit. I really just want to be able to use this tent again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this issue? Or, know of someone that might be able to?

08-06-2011, 14:13
Hmmm, you could try stitching the tear with seam tape or thin piece if strap webbing and top coat both sides with seam adhesive. No telling how long it'll last.

That credit from the folks at Mountain Hardware sure sounds tempting to me. Lot less hassle than dealing with a tent failure when you in the woods for a week. Why take a chance?

08-06-2011, 15:32
you could try to get ahold of some VHB tape and tape the seam back together again...


personally i'd pm WV and see if he'll sell you a strip rather than buy a whole roll. i think that stuff is pretty expensive...

ps. i have no personal experience using the tape and am not 100% sure it would work. i just remember reading a little about it on a thread about using it to seal 2 edges of cuben together. :D

08-06-2011, 15:33
or just simply sew it back together and seam seal it using silnet...

08-06-2011, 17:28
If you like the tent, I think there are two ways to make a durable repair. If you do not sew, find someone who does.

Plan 1: take the seam apart with a seam ripper, cut out any fabric that is damaged or glued. Replace, patch, the fabric with similar material. Then just resew the seam as it was before the damage was done.

Plan 2: just sew a patch over the entire damaged area and secure it to the undamaged fabric. If you need to, seal the lines of stitches and you should be good to go.

Most companies do not repair glued seams because it is nearly impossible to sew through the glue.

08-07-2011, 08:24
For a great tutorial on using VHP tape for seams check out SGTs Rocks site and the video he made while making a cuben fiber tarp, all seams are with VHB tape, the only sewing he does is for the tie outs.



08-31-2011, 04:09
Repair a ripped seam either by hand or by machine. Both methods can be done quickly and easily.

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