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12-08-2002, 17:38
I have read several journals that reference Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Is this company really going to give the car keys to a rough looking thru-hiker?:D Seriously, where does it make sense to use this service?

12-08-2002, 18:17
Seriously, I used National Car Rental 3 times last year to and from the trail. The one way rental, 24 hr time limit, unlimited mileage was cheaper than any bus fare, Amtrak, or air plane ticket when I needed to get where I was going fast. Pick up and drop off at the nearest airport.


12-08-2002, 19:14
We used Enteprise rent-a-car, and they rented to us with no problems at all. We used it to Rent a car in Waynesboro for 2 days (to drive to the next town to see Star Wars) and also to get home for a visit to NH from Port Clinton, PA, and once again to go from Duncannon, Pa to Hershey park for a zero day. All three times they picked us up wherever we were, and we got a decent car for their regular rates. Most were very interested in the fact that we had no car and were hiking the trail, and in Waynesboro it eevn got us an extra day free from the maanger after we told him how grateful we were to get ahold of a car. Great service.

12-08-2002, 22:34
i do love enterprise. they pick you up and drop you off (even back to the trail). i use rentals (where available) to minimize the time it takes to do chores in towns and as i've said before, i save my hiking for the trail. also, i prefer not to seek out freebie rides. as long as you have valid credit card and drivers license, they don't care how you look or smell.

my other favorite is national. in 2000, i rented a car in bangor one-way to mobile, alabama for a bit less than $300 (week rate, unlimited miles). that's 1,900 miles folks! try to fly from small airport-to-small airport for that. cheapest flight i could find was $1,100 at that time. when they heard i was a hiker, they upgraded me to a SUV.