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02-11-2005, 17:02
From where the trail enters Harpers Ferry, how difficult is it to get to the train station? Is there a ticket counter there? Is there lodging near the station? Any feedback on rail transportation to D.C. would be helpful.:-?

02-11-2005, 17:07
I'm not sure exactly where the train station is in relation to the rest of town, but inside Harpers Ferry there doesn't seem to be much in the way of affordable lodging (there is a Quality Inn, I believe). However, if you follow the AT northbound along the canal in about a mile there is a sign and place for you to cut left across some train tracks and scamper up to a hostel. Very nice set up, with internet, a small camp store, and, depending on the time of the year, a nice AYCE breakfast. I think the hostel was like $15 and the breakfast another $7. The owners of the place are very friendly and helpful and there is also a good library there.

02-11-2005, 17:08
The train station is easy walking from ATC headquarters, as well as the "historic" hilltop hotel, which is where a bunch of us ended up staying while in Harper's Ferry. My sister met me in '03 by taking the train in from Pittsburgh, but I'm not sure about tickets or where to get them. Here's what the GORP website has to say:

Amtrak's Capital Limited stops at Harpers Ferry daily with westbound service from Washington, D.C., and eastbound service from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago. MARC Rail operates several commuter trains between Harpers Ferry and Union Station (Washington, DC), Monday-Friday. For information on MARC and Amtrak schedules and fares, call 800-325-7245.

02-11-2005, 20:29
The train station is just a block or so off the AT just before you cross the Potomac River Train bridge into Maryland. It's at the north end of the Harper's Ferry Historic area.

For the commuter rail trains, tickets are sold on the train if the ticket window in the station is closed. I'm not sure about Amtrak. But, if you check the Amtrak website then you can find out for sure.

02-11-2005, 20:53
Smokedog, to the best of my knowledge this is no ticket window at Harpers Ferry, at least there wasn't one in 2002 and 2003. You can just purchase a ticket on the train but you do take a slim chance that the train will be full. Both times I used the train it was running 1 to 1 1/2 hours late and that seems like a normal occurrence to the regular commuters so plan accordingly. Your other option as mentioned is the MARC commuter rail system and they run a handful of trains to DC every weekday but their all in the morning. Just check out the Amtrak and MARC websites and you can get a better idea of the schedules. P.S. Since 911 Amtrak has been cracking down more, especially trains into DC and NYC , be prepared to maybe check your pack and poles. Prozac

02-11-2005, 22:47
Lot's of good information, thanks all. :clap

Jack Tarlin
02-12-2005, 13:24
For lodging, try the Hilltop House (easy walk from the station). Not fancy, but very scenic. Call 304-535-2132 for info.

For other Harpers info, call Laura Wright at the Outfitter's. 304-535-2087

For Amtrak, try 1-800-USA-RAIL; for commuter train info try 410-859-7400

ForA.T. info, call ATC headquarters in Harpers Ferry: 304-535-6331 or write them at [email protected]

The Gnome
02-12-2005, 19:16

The youth hostel (http://www.harpersferryhostel.org/) is about two miles north (actually east) from Harper's along the C&O Canal towpath in the community of Sandy Hook.
Another useful link: http://www.harpersferrywv.net/Staying.htm describes all the local hotels, inns etc.
(most of the Hotels are in the community of Bolivar Heights)

There is only one Amtrak train to/from Harpers Ferry (the Capitol Limited) each day and it frequently runs hours late, especially into D.C. There is a commuter rail service from Harpers Ferry but the trains run into D.C. only very early in the morning and the outbound trip in the early evening. You can't miss the train station as the A.T. uses the railroad bridge to cross the river.