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08-08-2011, 16:21
So I just did 80 miles on the AT through The Green Tunnel (Nantahala NF) in NC. I was soaked the entire time due to sweat. i don't eaven mean my shirt... My shorts, undies, and top was sweat soaked. I was using my Golite Trek pack. I seriously had to wring my clothes out whenever I stopped hiking. Looking online, and through my own experience... I am considering the Kestrel by Osprey, the ACT lite by Deuter or the Jam by Golite or the Hornet by Osprey The sizes of each will be close to 50 liters. I am not an ultralighter but do keep my pack weight down to about 20 lbs with food. any thoughts on the wicking or airflow or airyness (i just made that word up) of any of the packs to aid in my dillema conserning my sweating. I understand some sweat is understandable especially during summer but What I experienced was truly crazy.



Feral Nature
08-08-2011, 16:27
It was probably the humidity not allowing your sweat to evaporate.

08-08-2011, 16:45
I dont think your pack contibuted to soaked underwear. Ive got an osprey atmos65, and although its ventilated and airy, 2 years ago in the whites, didnt stop sweating , temps in the hi 80s even above treeline.what pack have you been using.

08-08-2011, 23:53
External frame packs are about as airy as it gets. Some days are just like that though. When I know the weather will be hot I wear a light cotton shirt with a loose weave. I also have a Mountain Hardware Wicked Tee that works well. Not much you can do about the undies--just camp with some extra water and enjoy a rinse of self and clothes at night.

When on the trail you can loosen the soulder straps a bit and let the pack lean away from your back for a while.

08-09-2011, 00:09
Dueter ACT Lite series has the air contact system... I have an ACT Lite 50+10. Used it on a 3 day trip in the smokies about a month ago or so... 95 degrees plus humidity, did fairly well (there's no stopping the sweat sometimes).

Also look at the Dueter AirComfort Futura Vario 50+10 pack (http://deuteroutdoor.com/proddetail.asp?prod=ZM27535)... very cool design. The back has a separated panel that allows for increased air flow (airyness).

Happy Hangin'

Red Hat
08-09-2011, 10:25
None of the above.... I've used both Osprey and Golite, but now use ULA exclusively. They are worth every penny!

Jack Tarlin
08-09-2011, 10:48
I probably have 20,000-odd miles in Ospreys. The last couple years I've worn a Granite Gear. Packs are like shoes......there's no "right" company or wrong one. You should try out (i.e. get professionally fitted by someone that knows what they're doing, which usually means being willing to spend some serious time at a small, independent outfitter) different packs and figure out what works well for YOU. And it may well be Osprey, Deuter, or GoLite. And it may well be something else entirely, and there's nothing wrong with that, either.

08-09-2011, 11:04
ULA's are excellent packs, completely agree. The packs he's picked out are all completely different in how they fit. I think he's more concerned with ventilation, in which the Futura Vario Pro takes the cake... if you've seen one in real life... you know why.

Serial 07
08-09-2011, 13:32
mammut creon lite 45 is a nice pack with great ventilation...

08-09-2011, 16:48
Restlesss, were you wearing cotton? Cotton is not your friend on the trail,for any clothing any time of the year. For hot summer breathable, wicking synthetics are the only way to go. You still sweat, but you aren't carrying it all with you. It vents and dries much faster, though in some of the very high humidity we have had recently coupled with high temperatures, it is still MEAN HOT.

I'm considering packs myself now, and my current pick is the Osprey Kestrel 58. I don't care for the Atmos, the belt and straps are really light, and the Atmos adjustability is minimal. The Kestrel has a much better belt, and good adjustability, though its shoulder straps are light. The Osprey Aether will cost you over a pound in extra weight, but it has the best of all with better belt and shoulder straps and very good adjustability. I personally carry over 80% on the belt so lighter shoulder straps are no problem for me. They all have a good back vent system. I haven't looked at the others you mention.

House of Payne
08-09-2011, 17:59
I like the oilmans thoughts on the Osprey packs, I have one and am considering another. I have the Atmos and am looking at a little more room with the Krestel 58. The mesh backsheet is what works well with contact moisture, the air moves really well back there. I'm not a big fan of the Atmos hipbelt although I'm usually at 30 pounds or under with the Atmos. My 2014 pack will most likely be a ULA, all for weight loss.

08-11-2011, 14:53
I do appreciate the thoughts thank you... I am waiting for the kestral to come in at my local shop. I am kinda turned on by the Exos by Osprey. any thoughts on that one??? Deuter ACT 40+10 Osprey Kestral, Osprey Exos are in the mix right now. I am still kinda thinking of the Golite jam still because the backpanel is made of a material that will aid in moisture transfer.

08-11-2011, 15:23
1+ for the Osprey Atmos 65