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Trail Dog
12-08-2002, 23:13
What is Gorp?

Does it taste better than it sounds?

So, flame me i have heard about it for such a long time, I might as well stop pretending to know what it is.

Enlighten me.


Hammock Hanger
12-08-2002, 23:28
Good ole' Raisins and peanuts.

Then granola wa thrown in the mix.

Now it is a personal combination of grains and nuts that is used to refuel the body.

Mine is also used as a cereal with milk. Pumpkin & sunflower seeds, soybeans, wheat germ, assorted dried fruits, ginger, shredded coconut. Hammock Hanger

12-08-2002, 23:31
Trail Dog,

GORP actually was meant to meant to say, "good old raisins and peanuts" I think. However, in realality it is any mixture of nuts, dried fruit, candy, and whatever your heart desires that will not spoil once mixed and carried for snacking during the day. I prefer to use M&M's, or the M&M Peanut type, cashews, or peanuts some dried banana chips, and at times I will even add oreo cookie crumbs, even granola is also good when added. It can be found in most grocery stores and is usually marked as "trail mix" but it much cheaper and usually better tasting for each individual to mix your own. Whatever you use, it is a snack that is quick and can be eaten while you hike between the regular meals... Hope this helps...... Ed.

12-09-2002, 08:56
My mix:

Chopped Dates
Pineapple chunks
M & M's

Sometimes I add granola cereal. Other times not.

Granola will absorb moisture from rainsins and other dried fruits. So, for mail drops, I keep the raisins and dried fruit in their own plastic bag until ready to mix and use.

I generally plan about 1 cup of mix per day, or 6 ounces per day per person.

At the start of my hike, I didn't eat much. But, by the end, I was eating a whole lot more, well over the 1 cup per day, because a big bag didn't last very long.

12-09-2002, 10:09
I always carry my gorp in a plastic bottle (one of the good Nalgene-made bottles that won't crack at -20F). That way you can just dump some into your mouth no matter how dirty your hands are. You can eat without taking your mittens off. I started using a gorp bottle on winter hikes and find it so convenient that I use it in summer too. On long hikes, the 16 oz. bottle needs to be refilled about every 2 days. Gorp is the perfect winter lunch/snack food because it comes in small pieces and therefore is edible no matter what the temperature. Foods which need to be bitten off to fit in the mouth are quite useless when frozen.

12-09-2002, 10:13
I find dried sweetened cranberries (Craisin are one brand) an excellent addition to gorp. Add some real zing to the taste. I also count on gorp as a major source of salt for those warm summer hikes. It's easy to adjust the salt content based on the nuts one adds.

SGT Rock
12-09-2002, 10:17
I like a mixture of dried apples, dried pineapple, dried cranberries, dried cherries, and honey rosted penuts.

Lone Wolf
12-09-2002, 10:32
After 16 years I can't eat that crap anymore! I don't touch Snickers or any other candy either.

SGT Rock
12-09-2002, 10:52
I thought snickers was one of the four food groups:

1. Water food group
2. Town food group.
3. Snickers (snack) food group.
4. Dried food Group.

Lone Wolf
12-09-2002, 10:59
4 Food groups:

Fresh meat
Dried meat
Cured meat

VEGETARIAN is an old indian word for lousy hunter.

12-09-2002, 11:40
4 Food groups:

Fresh meat
Dried meat
Cured meat

VEGETARIAN is an old indian word for lousy hunter.

LMAO! I couldn't agree more. Don't forget the potato group though.

I eat big breakfasts and big dinners when I'm on the trail. Lunch is usally a mass of high carb food spread throughout the day. Snickers is one candy item I like (of course), along with dark chocolate and peanut m&ms. Another item I like on the trail, but would never even think of eating off the trail are combos. Salty cracker/pretzel tubes filled with oily, salty, cheese. Of course I have my gorps, and they are...

"Hell's Chex Mix"
-Follow the chex mix directions on the box, and add cayenne pepper to taste... I also prefer cashew halves instead of mixed nuts. I've found that cheez-itz make a good addition to the mix as well. I often save this until later in my hike when I want something real spicy and salty.

"Nick's Standard Gorp"
-1 Cup Craisins (or other dried cranberry brand).
-1 Cup Peanut M&Ms.
-1 Cup Smoked Almonds (has to be smoked version).
-3 Cups Spicy Cheddar Goldfish.
Let this mix sit atleast over-night and the smoke flavor will penetrate all the other ingredients.

Raisins belong in oatmeal, and thats it.
Regular M&Ms are much too sweet for me. I need a nut to cut it down.
Peanuts are only good fresh from the shell, or incased in chocolate.
Yes, this means I hate traditional M&M Gorp.

12-09-2002, 20:28
I always carry my gorp in a plastic bottle (one of the good Nalgene-made bottles that won't crack at -20F). That way you can just dump some into your mouth no matter how dirty your hands are.

that is such a great idea! that must make it easyer to pour it out for other people too so they dont put their hands into your food bag. thanks for the wonderful idea Deb!

Trail Dog
12-10-2002, 13:00
Great Idea with the bottle. I hate having people dig into my bag, I donít mind sharing just donít touch my food!

OK in my defense I just always called it Trail Mix. I never heard it called Gorp before. Now if Gorp stands for something its should be all in caps like WIMP... GORP.

For my trail mix, um I mean GORP, I put in:

1- two parts Peanuts (very salty in winter so I give my body a reason to thirst, not too salty in summer)
2- one-part Raisins, (natures candy!)
3- one part banana chips (nice and fatty with lots of calories)
4- a few whole almonds, and broken up walnuts
5- if it ainít too hot M&M's, (side note I put in too many M&M's in the hot Louisiana Summer and they melted. At night I had a pretty cool and very messy candy bar!!!)

Ok guess I will take to calling it GORP, and for all you WIMPS out there its Weak Incompetent Malingering (5 letter word for female genitalia)