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tagalong hiker
02-12-2005, 12:22
my husband and i are doing a section hike in vermont this June. We will be starting in hannover and heading south bound to adams MA. We know we will be using the LongTrail Inn for our first drop but would like a second drop further down the trail. Is there any place that isnt that far off the trail that we could send one. Also when does mud and black fly season end and how warm or cold should we expect it.
thanks tagalong

02-12-2005, 14:27
Hey Tagalong,

First off, the next most logical drop spot is Manchester Center, VT which is a popular hiker town and the most logical spot between the Inn and North Adams. It's 5 miles from the AT but I can assure you its a VERY easy hitch. People were coming up to me to offer hitches and I've hiked thru there twice with no issues. If you guys are in need of maildrops then send one there, but there is a big excellent Price Chopper there in the mall next to a pizza joint and EMS, both frequent hiker stops.

Both times I hiked the Vermont AT section was in june. The bugs were problematic, but mostly later on in camp, not while walking. Weather really varies. I was coming thru there 12-20 June and it was very warm with temps in the 70's and cool nights. Last year I hiked thru 2-8 June and experienced very cold temps at night (in my 20 degree bag) with day time in the normal 60's.

It's hard to say when blackflies come and go exactly but they are generally around all month. You would definately be wise to bring a tent or shelter with bug netting and head nets and DEET as well. It's a good idea to throw on rain pants or tights as soon as you get into camp.

Good luck, vermont is pretty trail. Holler if you have other questions

02-12-2005, 20:40
Manchester has a good supermarket, and a couple of outfitters. You can probably find every thing that you need without relying on the post office being open.

The Old Fhart
02-12-2005, 20:50
This photo has nothing to do with Vermont, but if you read the sign carefully it gives a whole new meaning to "mail drop." Click here (http://www.whiteblaze.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/2556/size/big/sort/1/cat/500) to see the sign. I took this photo when I went down to the town of Greenwood Lake to resupply. They would need an ICBM for international mail. :D

02-13-2005, 16:57
I thought Manchester Center was nice, too. The outfitter, supermarket, and hardware store are all in the same mini-mall. No problems with the hitch.