View Full Version : Mount Mitchell camping and hiking closed due to bear activity

08-14-2011, 21:38
From the NC State Parks web site

Due the the recent bear activity in the surrounding area, the MOUNT MITCHELL STATE PARK CAMPGROUND will be closed from August 12 through August 29, 2011.

Due to recent bear activity the USFS has closed the Commissary Ridge Campground, Deep Gap Campground, Briarbottom Campground and the Black Mountain Campground until August 29, 2011. In addition, they have also closed the Neals Creek access road and FS road 472. They have also closed all trails in the area leading to those campgrounds: Mt. Mitchell trail, Buncombe Horse Trail, MST/Commissary trail, Big Tom connector, and portions of the Deep Gap/Black Mt Crest trail.

Mount Mitchell State Park has closed the MT Mitchell trail and the Commissary trail beyond the Camp Alice intersection until further notice. The Deep Gap Trail beyond Mt. Craig is also closed.

08-20-2011, 23:11
Is this "bear activity" caused my campers carelessly leaving food out at their camp sites or is this just one rogue bear ? If it's humans enticing bear activity with lazy habits the problem will continue to exist.
My experience camping at Black Mountain Campground was that there has always been some bear activity like most any campground nestled in a densely wooded forest.