View Full Version : Transportation to/from BMT?

08-15-2011, 20:33
Hi all,

I am considering a BMT thru this fall, and although it's easy to get to Springer, getting to civilization from the northern terminus looks a little daunting to me - even if I use Standing Bear for shuttle to Gatlinburg, what then? Online bus schedules look supremely sketchy and/or nonexistent. How have previous hikers gotten to a bus route or similar from Davenport Gap?


SGT Rock
08-15-2011, 21:06
The closest Grayhound depot in Tennessee is Knoxville. I've done shuttles as I can for hikers from various points in the Smokies to the Grayhound in Knoxville. Grayhound in Asheville is closer by about 10 miles.

08-15-2011, 21:58
SGT Rock, you're awesome. How much-ish do you charge for a shuttle to Knoxville? I won't quote you on it, I'm just trying to figure out a rough BMT budget to see if I can actually swing it this year.

SGT Rock
08-16-2011, 03:42
Well I don't know for sure that I would be available when you do your hike. I've got a job that has very odball hours. It sort of depends on when you plan to do your hike and when you think you will get done. As for charging - gas money maybe. If I was already going to be going that way then not even that. I don't normally charge brother and sister hikers for my time.