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08-15-2011, 21:04
Does anyone have any tips for a weekend trip on the Ice Age Trail (Kettle Moraine section)? I'm thinking about a weekend in October to hopefully see some Fall colors. Anyone know if shuttles are available? I'd like to park in the southern section and get a shuttle back to the car at the end of the weekend. Any other tips are appreciated.

08-25-2011, 16:41
Hello, if I understand you correctly you want to do a hike/backpack in the southern unit which is in the southeastern part of the state, as opposed to the northern unit, which is about an hour and a half further north, give or take.

In any case, I could possibly do a shuttle if you want. If not there are plenty of places to ask. Let me know what date...

As for tips... Anything specific you have in mind? How much mileage do you want to do? I've hiked all the miles in the southern unit, and personally I can't say there is a particular stretch I love more than anything else, but maybe I can make some suggestions if you have anything special you want to look for, though I can't imagine there would be.

Also, note that:

1.) You will need to pay $ if you park on a fee area in state forest land, which will probably depend on how many days you are there (unless you already have a yearly pass).
2.) Camping is available only at designated shelters, which you must reserve in advance, or at the campgrounds. Recommend you call ahead for a reservation. This may limit your options if you want to use the shelters.

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

08-25-2011, 17:19
Great, thanks for the info. I'll follow up via e-mail.