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02-12-2005, 18:41
Has anybody hiked the Black Forest Trail in Pa.? If you have could you give me some information about the trail thanks.

02-12-2005, 20:05
Aaah yes. It was my favorite stomping ground for about 5-6 years before I moved away from Western NY.

The BFT is a wonderful trail - It gets little use and you may find on a weekend you will only pass several other folks (or a college group). During the week in the summer you will be alone. The trail has steep climbs and steep drops but none much more than 1,000 - 1,200 feet.

Most of the trail is in Tioga State forest and it is concentrated in the upper left corner of Lycoming County, with the weestern side of it just inside the Potter County Line.
The trail is a loop with many spots to start or end. The more common trailhead is the Village of Slate Run (There is a gas station with a nice general store here) Slate run is also the bottom of the loop.

The trail follows a mixture of old "Shay" Narrow gauge Rail lines, Logging & Tote roads as well as footpaths. For the most part, the topography of the land is a level 2,000 feet, but there are a number of "runs" that lead into the valleys that the roads follow. The trail goes up and down many of these runs over it's 42 mile course.

The west side of the trail is less rugged and doesn't stray to far from the main highway Rte 44. (The Black Forest Inn in the village of Black Forest is a great stop.)

The East side and South side of the trail has the steeper climbs with much more ups and downs, as well as many more vistas. With the exception of several areas, there are many nice switchbacks with wonderful vistas in all directions as well as and a few cool hemlock filled glens to stop and take a swim when you are in the runs.

Note of Caution, it is not uncommon to see Eastern Diamondaback rattlesnakes here. (PM Me and I will tell you about an area that is loaded with them, where one must take caution in the spring and summer).

The nicest place I have ever found to spend the first night before heading out the next day, is about 1/2 mile north of Slate Run on Slate Run road - you can hike 200 yards down to the trail and car camp next to a stream, making it convenient for the next morning's start.

Finally, contact Chuck Dillon at Pine Creek Outfitters
He can give you much more info and carries the map and guide. The guide is about 50 pages and is published by the Forest Firefighers association (you will also want to get a tyvek map with side trails as well).

You can also contact the DCR 570-327-3450 for permit information - I haven't been in there since 2001, and am not sure if you might need a permit now.

Enjoy - It is a wonderful trail!!!!