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08-20-2011, 15:11
I have seen posts about the condition of this shelter from previous years but wondered if anyone had stayed here recently. Any trouble with mice? Are there bear cables? and lastly how is the tenting around/near the shelter? Any info would be appreciated!

08-20-2011, 18:55
Assume this is the shelter north of the NOC? Stayed there in May. OK two level shelter with loft and windows. No bear cables. New mouldering privy. Didn't notice any decent spots to tent immediately around the shelter. Seemed to be some spots where the shelter trail comes off the AT. Mice deposited some chewed-up toilet paper into my pack in an attempt to build a nest. Little buggers also chewed up my pack liner. Good water right in front of the shelter. :)

08-20-2011, 23:54
Yes this is the shelter I was speaking of. Thanks for the info. Had an experience with mice before but hoped this one was the exception. Looks like we'll be looking for a level space on down the trail.....and a tree with sturdy branches!

08-21-2011, 15:32
I hung my food from the shelter mouse hanger rigs, but used one of those rodent-proof food bags. No problems. :)

Shooting Star
08-21-2011, 21:37
I stayed there in early March. The shelter was in decent shape and we could hear mice scurrying
about in the night - but no more so than other shelters. Camping space for several tents was located
downhill from the shelter in a flat spot.

08-23-2011, 00:27
I stayed there last October, nice shelter, I suggest if your going to tent, just camel up there & camp on Cheoah Bald, Amazing Views. Supposedly there a water source somewhere up there? I couldn't find it??

08-26-2011, 19:39
Ended up camping on Cheoah Bald. Absolutely gorgeous views and the water source is now marked with a sign but it's a quarter mile down the mtn. and a very steep climb back up!.. Opted to push on to the next one and it worked out fine. Was able to see the sun set and rise from the bald! Couldn't have been any better.:D

08-27-2011, 15:10
Sounded like a great trip. Happy hiking. :)

08-27-2011, 23:23
A memory you'll always have!!