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08-22-2011, 13:08
Hi All,

Will be doing some more internet searches but would like to get your feedback. Did a section hike from Springer to Damascus this spring and hope to pick-up again in Damascus in March 2012; I'm thinking 16 March. Have to be back by early May to attend a family wedding so I'm starting in March instead of April. I'll section hike to Harper's Ferry. In South Texas, March is almost spring but I'm guessing March is the tail end of winter in Virginia.

My main concern is packing too much or too little cold weather gear. This spring I actually had a very cold night in a shelter in early May (two story shelter rumored to be the coldest on the AT). There was a sprinkle of snow and my water bottles had ice in them in the morning. My 15 degree bag and liner were prefectly fine for the night although walking around the shelter was unpleasant. Any recommendations on gear considerations? I was planning on bringing a wool/silk sleep shirt for the evenings. Was also going to bring gloves, a neck gator, a down sweater and two light weight rain jackets. I've found that for cold days I can put on the first jacket and sandwich the down with another rain jacket on top.

I've done lots of hiking in the Rockies; I actually prefer cold to warm and bugs.

Happy trails

08-22-2011, 15:32
Damascus in mid-March can be very nice, but the next few shelters north can be quite cold. Last year we left Damascus on March 21st in shorts and t-shirts. The next day we were in the snow on Mt Rogers and close to single digit temperatures overnight. The next night we were out of the snow and didn't see any after that. Two weeks later it was in the 90's, so don't rule out any of the extremes.

08-22-2011, 15:37

Thanks for the quick response. I'll make sure I have layers to meet the temp swings.


10-06-2011, 00:11
There has been snow as late as after Trail Days in May at Mt. Rogers. I always hang onto my winter gear til Pearisburg, VA.