View Full Version : tent/compression

08-22-2011, 13:24
got a question: i have a agnus copper spur ult 1. the sack it comes in is a little large. would it harm the tent to keep it compressed while hiking? just hiking; i know better to keep it that way. and i could strap my poles on the outside of the pack? thanks.

map man
08-22-2011, 21:06
Compressing your tent won't hurt anything unless it has down or synthetic insulation in it:). Seriously, you can keep it compressed all the time and it won't hurt anything. And yes, go ahead and strap your tent poles to the outside of your pack.

max patch
08-22-2011, 21:09
You may not want a "brick" in your pack, but putting it in a compression sack (or a smaller stuff sack) is not going to hurt your tent at all.

30 Large
08-22-2011, 21:11
I always hike with my tent compressed and poles on the outside. I agree with not "bricking" it though.