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08-24-2011, 09:22
Anyone know how this 50 mile trail run went this past weekend? I know it is a low key event, but I was curious of the number of starters/finishers and times. If I understand correctly, the DRT,BMT and AT were to be run and it was going to come out to about 50 miles. I got a call last Thursday for a possible car pool trip up from FL, but it was too short a notice. The gal considering it from FL was the one I hiked with last year from Newfound Gap to Fontana in 1 day (38 mi - with some light running)
I backpacked the Georgia loop section 2 years ago and I would have to say this would be a fairly tough trail run, extending through most of the night. If anyone has any details, I'd love to hear. Thanks.

08-24-2011, 09:37
First I heard of this. I chatted with two hikers on Sunday morning at Justus Creek who had 7 miles left to finishing up the loop trail. And since it had kicked their tales having a group of runners passing them would likely have come up in the conversation.

Running the DRT/BMT/AT loop would be brutal. Only for the truly elite trail runners I would think. Interested in hearing more if this really took place.

max patch
08-24-2011, 09:38
I know the Fools Gold 50 and 100 mile mountain bike race was held last weekend. Was there a trail run too?

08-24-2011, 10:32
From what very little I have been able to find out (nothing online), this was a loosely organized,"Fat Ass" run meaning that you pretty much supported yourself. Supposedly water was cached at Fish Gap and Fire Pit Point (I have no idea where that is at). I would be suprised if more than 10 -15 people participated. I also question if the entire GA loop was used because that is more like 60 miles. There was also a 25 mile (shorter) trail run as an option for those not wanting the challenge of a brutal 50. I'll keep poking around until I get more details, but just though that someone on WB might have heard of it and had some details.

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08-28-2011, 18:42

Thank you. .... only 3 finishers. That just sounds brutal but certainly interesting. I wouldn't have made the 50 miler, but possibly the 25.

Nature Boy
08-28-2011, 18:45
There was a race that took place that weekend, the H9 50 Full/Half Ass Run. I believe about 20-30 of us ran the race. It started in Vogel State Park and used the Coosa Trail, Duncan Ridge Trail, and numerous Fire Roads. The 50 mile course had about 14,000 feet of verticle climbing and the 25 mile course had a little over 5,000. It was a wicked fun course to run!!! We had 3 - 50 mile finishers and 13 - 25 mile finishers, here is a link to the race page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110304302395887&view=wall&closeTheater=1