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08-25-2011, 17:03
Have anyone of you guys ever compared the use pf an Aarn backpack with the combination of a traditional pack and a Ribz pack?

08-25-2011, 17:32
Biggest "physics" difference would likely be that Aarn front pockets have a stay that transfers the weigh to the hip belt, which from what I understand RIbz don't - they hang from the shoulder straps.

08-25-2011, 19:18
While Aarn front pockets do have a flexible stay, I don't believe it's purpose is to transfer weight, but to hold the pockets shape and be bent to accomodate for women, but I could be wrong.

If you pack a traditional pack correctly (and very few people do) you can deal with the gravity issue quite well, I've never felt like my pack was pulling back on me, but then again I keep my food and water close to my back and up high, I don't put crap all over the outside of my pack, etc...If you put stuff outside your pack, especially on the back...it will pull much stronger to the ground. Also leverage, if someone puts a 3lb tent on the back of their pack, about 12-16 inches from their spine, the tent now feels like 6lbs, because of leverage.

Aarn makes good stuff, I just don't think their designs make 'enough' of a difference to be a major player. Many years ago there was 'Natural Balance' in the US, same concept and Wayne Gregory was involved with them, he eventually abandoned the concept, although he always felt more could be done with it, I remember talking with him about front pockets more than once.

There is also the heat issue of having pockets on your chest, this will vary depending on the person.

08-25-2011, 19:50
Franco uses an Aarn pack and loves it. You may want to PM him.

Two Tents
08-25-2011, 20:29
I have a Ribz too. I have not hiked much in it due to the fact it would be hot in the summer. Fall, spring-yea, that's the time it will get used by me. I do like how it feels when all adjusted and zipped up. I am taking it out on the Hurricane hike this weekend so I'll let you know how it did when/if I make it back.

08-25-2011, 20:40
I have an Aarn Peak Aspiration pack. The stay in the front pockets can be bent (to get whatever shape desired - obviously important for women). The bottom of the stay ends in a small "pocket" directly above the short web strap that attaches to the waist belt, so it is part of the system that transfers the front pocket weight to the waistbelt. The front pockets do not put much weight on the shoulder straps other than having adjustable web straps that control how much forward lean the front pockets have - the bulk of the weight goes pretty much directly to the waist belt. The other rather unique feature of Aarn's packs is the way the shoulder straps go under the pack and cradle it and are not rigidly attached like traditional packs - they are free to move. This provides a much different, more balanced, feel as the pack does not shift the same way a traditional pack does with shoulder and arm movements.

As Family Guy noted, Franco could also give you some input on this - I believe he owns two or three different Aarn packs.

08-25-2011, 21:28
OK, thanks guys, I'll comment.
The basic principle of the two is the same, that is to balance the weight between back and front.
Ideally you would have a 50-50 split but in practice even carrying water and dense food at the front it is hard to achieve but nevertheless it does improve balance and posture.
The way this is done is where the two are different.
With the Aarn the weight is indeed on the hipbelt (you can transfer that to your shoulders if you like ...)
There is a gap between the pockets and your front (so they don't rest against it) as well as a gap in between the pockets so that you can see your feet. Not that looking at your feet when walking is a good idea but at times it can be handy.
I feel that the Aarns are a bit like walking poles. Most find them useless/dangerous/superfluous till they try them.
Not that all that try walking poles will like them but many do change their mind after a walk or two with them.
About the only criticism that I see from people that have tried the Aarns is that some cannot get used to the many straps.
I did and after a few walks you don't notice them anymore.
Mine are the Effortless Rhytm and the Featherlite Freedom.

my mate Yair with the Effortless Rhytm and Expedition pockets