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08-25-2011, 20:02
I bought a new dog food for my chihuahua which is the reason I buy very small cans. As I was pulling on the pull tab to open the can it struck me that this would be a great fuel holder for my alcohol stove. It is hard to see in this photo but the can has a pretty tight fitting plastic lid that is not usually on a can this size. So I gave it a good cleaning and through it in my gear bag........


Two Tents
08-25-2011, 20:10
Fuel holder ? I don't get it. I tried the link and got a commercial for Chef Michaels. I'm curious on what you have planned for the can ( which I did not see )

08-25-2011, 20:19
My alcohol stove is a small cat food can sitting under a part of a foster beer can. I thought the can could be used for burning the fuel and what I don't use could be held in the can and maybe use it in the morning for coffee or something. I don't know I was just struck by the can it seemed like the perfect can for my stove. My only purchases are usually hiking or kayaking related and I am always thinking gear just couldn't throw it away until I try it..

Trying again having a hard time finding a pic unless I take one but I like that fact it has a lid am I thinking wrong or outside the box too much. LOL

08-25-2011, 20:27
Not carrying your fuel in a screwcap type container is asking for trouble.

Two Tents
08-25-2011, 20:37
I know the feeling when you have a piece of whatever that you know is going to be good for something- just not sure what. You are headed for disaster if you try to carry any fuel in that set up. Over night with the lid on for a quick breakfast set up in the AM is probably fine. You will figure out a better use for the cool can with the tight lid.