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02-14-2005, 12:07
Last week I ordered, and Saturday received the 2-disc DVD "Appalachian Impressions" by Flagler Films ( http://www.flaglerfilms.com/programs.cfm ). I really enjoyed it!

By way of comparison, I already own and have also enjoyed "2000 Miles to Maine", "North to Katahdin", "Five Million Steps", "Trail Magic", and "Trek."

While I really like all of these, I think that "Appalachian Impressions", more than any of the others, is a great video to show to folks who don't already know much about the AT, yet remains entertaining for those of us who love the trail most. It follows the trail north, showing highlights as it goes. It does a good job of explaining blazes, trail magic, trail angels, LNT, etc. I enjoyed getting to see again some of the sights that I have enjoyed so far from Springer to Grayson Highlands, and also the sights to come ahead. I was also glad that this is a movie that I can show to any group. As much as I liked "2000 Miles to Maine" and "Trek", both of these had content (albeit very little) that made them inappropriate to show to Scouts and other youth groups. There was no such controversial content in "Appalachian Impressions." Congratulations to Mark Flagler and his team for making a quality product. :clap

Now, I can't hardly wait to see Lion King's "Walking with Freedom."


Lone Wolf
02-14-2005, 12:10
Oops. Never mind. :)

02-14-2005, 12:40
For the most part I enjoyed Appalachian Impressions but there was one thing that did rub me the wrong way - the narrator's pronouncation of the word "Appalachian" - what that film needs is a second sound track where the narrator has the right accent - Southern

02-14-2005, 13:25
:jump Yeah, I have to agree with that. He says "ap-uh-lay-shun" instead of "ap-uh-latch-in"

02-14-2005, 13:27
Speaking of the narrator, it sounds to me like the same narrator that is on "Soft Paths", the Leave No Trace video put out by NOLS. I have not checked yet, but I am pretty sure it is the same voice.

02-14-2005, 14:43
:jump Yeah, I have to agree with that. He says "ap-uh-lay-shun" instead of "ap-uh-latch-in"

I agree, best video to show people that aren't in to the AT scene. We have had amazing responses from people that we have shown it to. Everyone responds "Oh, now I get why you are doing this!" It's great!

On the "main character" I had someone says "God, I didn't think I was going to be able to watch it if he was going to narrate the whole thing!" Thankfully, they have an excellent narrator for the majority of the film. I thought that was amusing :) But I do like the parts that have Mark in them...


02-14-2005, 19:15
thats allright, I say apple-ache-ian. or appa lake ian... coz -ch- should have a gutteral sound like scottish -ch- in loch ;) but thats just me and my _very_ southern accent :P

so you def give it a thumbs up worth a look?

02-15-2005, 10:26
Yes, MadAussieInLondon, I'd give it a thumbs up.