View Full Version : Needed: home-made stove designs

12-09-2002, 16:57
I'm going for the soda can style stoves. I'de like to find as many alternate ways to make them as possible, to build, compare... and kill all the time I have until March!!!
Thanks in advance for the input.

SGT Rock
12-09-2002, 18:49
Shameless plug:

Hiking H.Q. is by a very intelligent guy that knows a lot about stoves :D


12-09-2002, 20:01
And very modest also HA HA HA

12-10-2002, 10:18
Lots of stove designs on the Wings site


This site includes different types of alcohol stoves as well as esbit/wood/multifuel designs.

SGT Rock
12-10-2002, 10:50
Marco (the guy that runs Wings) has been having troubles. I talked to him a few months back and he is still recovering from a very bad climbing accident. That is why the site is out of date.

12-10-2002, 16:45
Thanks for the links folks. I'll be using the Pepsi can design. I'll be sure to let you folks know how many times I set myself on fire.

::Off topic::
Rock, also wanted to commend you on your review of Bryson's book. If read in the right light and with alot of salt it's a rather enjoyable read.

SGT Rock
12-10-2002, 19:04
Thanks. I don't get comments about the book reviews ever. Well once about "A Journey North" By Adrienne Hall, but I'll leave that feeback alone unless ya'll really want to hear is. Too many people here said they liked it for me to feel comfortable sharing.