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02-16-2005, 05:42
hey all!

i'm planning on hiking the laurel highlands trail over spring break (( ~ 03/28 )) was wondering of anyone lives close enough to shuttle me -- and/or hike with me...for that matter! :)

thanks for any help...or suggestions regarding the ride...shuttling.


The Solemates
02-16-2005, 09:53
We did a section of the Laurel Highlands a couple years back. Our weather wasnt the greatest, but we did do it in December, so...

Hope you have better weather. Cant help ya with the shuttle, although my wife's family is from Johnstown, where the trail ends.

02-16-2005, 21:36
hey folks!

thanks for sharing your enthusiasm regarding the LHHT -- even if your weather wasn't the easiest! ;)

i'm really excited about getting out there -- and starting another year of hiking!
i'm sure a ride, shuttle, and parking situation will work itself out. things usually work out in the end...

be well...and see you out there!

02-16-2005, 23:12
My plans to do the Laurel Highlands went sour last summer. Have hiked about 10 miles on the southern end and it is BEAUTIFUL....! That first stretch is mean too - straight up...<g>...

I cannot commit to that time yet; but, have made note of the date and will help if I can.

"Tropical Parma" - ...hehehe! (Grew up around Wooster)

Have way too much fun and enjoy!

Happy Trails,