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02-17-2005, 22:56
OK Sgt Rock, I capitulate to becoming an alcohol stove user. Now I just need to make/get one. But which one? Can you help suggest the correct choice? My understanding is that there are 4 basic "homegrown" types : #1the Cat stove #2the traditional open pepsi can type #3the pepsican type that is closed on top by a screw and #4 your new ion type. The variables involved in the choice seem to be 1.temp range you use the pot in(winter vs summer) 2.pot size used 3.cooking style desired 4. how much of a "gram weenie" and "efficiency nut" you want to be.

I will be using the stove to hike the northern half of the AT in late summer to end of September. I have an evernew titanium 1.3l pot. I will primarily be boiling water for ramen/lipton noodles/stuffing etc. Rice dishes may be an option with a pot cozy, so I would be doing limited simmering. I am going from the whisperlite to this set up, and my FSO wt without food/water will be around 22 lb(I'm 210/6'), but that includes a 44oz thermorest and vasque sundowner boots, so I guess im not that concerned about an oz or two here or there (yet anyway).
Correct any incorrect statements from below:
My impression is that the cat stove would work better with the 1.3 l pot size, but would be slightly more weight due to the pot stand, and would waste/use slightly more fuel due to cooking ;inefficiency/less simmer control. It would cook faster but with less control. It would be simplest to make.

The open pepsi can could have more trouble starting in the cold, but weighs less with no potstand needed, more instability with the larger size pot.

The screw top pressurized one would also use a pot stand therefore would be more stable for the larger pot and simmering, but also needs priming and tougher to light in the cold.

The ion is most fuel efficient and lightest, but would be less desirable with a 1.3 l pot due to instabililty without a potstand and less spreading out of the flame under the whole pot bottom.

The insight of those of you who have any of the above stoves with my combination of hiking variables listed above would be appreciated. In other words : Which of these dang stoves is best for me to make given my potsize etc. Sgt Rock=:datz :eek:= ME

SGT Rock
02-17-2005, 23:34
You might want to start with the weenie stove, a 1.3L pot might have enough bottom to make it work well, I found there was too much spread on the flames with my curved bottom Snow Peak set. The benifit is it is VERY easy to make and doesn't require a stand.

BTW, there are a lot of stove designs out there. Personally the Ion is my favorite, and anyone can make one.

SGT Rock
02-18-2005, 00:00
Not to leave you hanging, I found a thread with pics: