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08-31-2011, 12:18
I am still in my planning/prepping stage till I am done with school. Obviously part of that is getting out and going on hikes. Trying out gear, lightening my load, adjusting to weather and temp changes.

But I am not familiar with my college towns available trails. I am in Williamsport, Pa. Now I know Rickets Glen is only 45 min away but I don't have maps for there either. Where can I get free topo maps of just local trails?

I like concept of trails.com but not willing to pay for the subscription just yet.

08-31-2011, 19:10
The Forest District offices in Waterville (Tiadaghton district), Laurelton (Bald Eagle district), and Laporte (Loyalsock district) have a lot of free maps in the lobby, such as the District Public Use map (which is smaller scale than many trail maps but still fairly usable for hiking), and larger scale maps of routes such as the Old Loggers Path. Some but not all of these larger scale maps might be found (eventually) by searching the PA DCNR web site.

The Standing Stone Trail http://www.hike-sst.org and the north end (Tioga County) of Mid State Trail http://www.hike-mst.org have free maps for download.

Also understand that purchasing many hiking maps is the chief or perhaps only source of revenue for the volunteers who maintain most trails. For the cost of a tank of gas you can usually get details on several tanks worth of hiking destinations.

08-31-2011, 20:04
Try mytopo.com

08-31-2011, 20:56
Start calling all the PA State Forests (http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/forestry/directory/districtoffice/index.htm) you are thinking of remotely possibly hiking (weekdays, 8-4 or so). They will send you (for free) the district map, and any other maps they have that you may want, even if you aren't sure which ones they are. You'll be able to get state park maps from the district they're located in, even though they are different divisions of the DCNR. And then listen to ki0eh and buy the other maps and guides you'll be wanting.