View Full Version : Hiker trash mix #13

02-22-2005, 04:20
I've been experimenting with presoaking brown rice, barley, and lentils. I like them because they're cheap, healthy, and tasty victuals.

However, as a backpacking food, they have a big drawback; they require more cooking time (read: more fuel, more weight). The presoak for brown rice and barley shaves about fifteen minutes off the cooking time, making for around 20-30 minutes w/ a pot cozy.

I know some will say 'just use lipton sides, dude,' but i think instant rice ain't worth crap (see also instant oatmeal, instant coffee, instant success).

That said, here's my recipe for hiker trash mix #13

1/4 large yellow onion, sliced (I use my pot lid for a cutting board. Ramps could be used in moderation where available.)
1/3c long grain brown rice
1/3c barley*
1 can/package tuna (or salmon, chicken, ham oyster, bear. be creative. )
1/4 tsp salt
parmasean, to taste
garlic powder, to taste (haven't tried real garlic yet; probably far superior)
basil, to taste (optional)
sundried tomatoes (optional)

presoak barley and rice for a few hours in 1c water. I like an early dinner, so I start soaking after second breakfast.

Throw soaked mixture into pot. Add salt, onions, tomatos. Cook until rice/barley thickens. Put pot in cozy. Add tuna, parmasean, and garlic (if using powder). Wait about 20 mintues. Listen to other hikers stomach's growl.

I'm eating a batch of this right now. mmm.

Does anyone else have presoak advice or recipes?

*One could always double the amount of brown rice and omit the barley.