View Full Version : NY shuttlers

Trail Dog
12-10-2002, 18:57
I took a look at the AT shuttle and public transportation providers document and found a very short list for New York shuttlers. I know there are a hell of a lot of shuttlers, I've called em Cabs or Car Service till now, in the Hudson River area anywhere the trail comes close to METRO North a or Bus station.

i was just wondering if that means that there are more shuttlers elsewhere and the list is incomplete? I usually just get off METRO north at Peekskill or Garrison and there is a cab waiting, if not go to a phone and you will surly find their stickier on the thing, pick one and call it they get there in a few mins.

So should i asume the list of Georgia, however long it may be, is also very incomplete? Or is it that fewer people use the shuttle service in NY than at the start of the trail?