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Traildog & Tbone
09-11-2011, 01:26
Hi ya'll. Wondering if anyone has used the Kelty salida 2 on long distance hike & how it held up? Backpacker gave it good reviews, and the price seems good. Starting thru-hike in april with a dog so will be tenting every night. Just wondering what anyone has to say about the salida. Might go with the hubba hubba but its almost twice as much $.

09-11-2011, 18:06
Hi. I own a Salida 2 and have used it on a several local trips. It is a decent 2P tent, especially for the dollar, and i wrote well of it in a review a while back. But the durability has proven a bit questionable (guy out loops pulling from the seams, stitching showing signs of stress, etc) after what I would consider limited use. In all honesty, I would err on the side of proven durability and cough up some more greenbacks for the Hubba Hubba compared to the Kelty for a thru. IMO or course...