View Full Version : Rausch Gap Shelter Restoration Project --- UPDATE

09-11-2011, 21:32
As some of you may already know, the original restoration plan fell through when we found MASSIVE amounts of weather-related decay. The only way to save the shelter is to replace all of the decayed logs with brand-new ones.

Well, BMECC and Pa. DCNR have partnered on this project, and the club logged over 2 dozen Japanese larch trees from a nearby tract of State Forest land. These logs were delivered to BMECC's Rentschler Arboretum in Bernville shortly before Hurricane Ifrene blew through the area. But now, these logs have to be peeled and stacked for drying, then pre-fabbed into the top half of a shelter that can be numbered, taken apart, and transported to the current site (sometime next year).

My plans call for 2 "peeling party" sessions in September - Sunday, September 18 (from 9 AM til ???) and Saturday, September 24 (from 12:30 PM til ???). This is basically "drawknife" work, along with some log-lifting. BMECC has a limited amount of tools for the job; what we lack right now is manpower.

If anyone is interested in helping BMECC with this part of the project, PM me for directions, or log onto BMECC's website http://www.bmecc.org . Lunch, water, work gloves and closed-toe footwear, and clothing that's weather-appropriate. Light rain will not cancel this; the logs HAVE to be peeled and stacked ASAP, so that the next phase of this project can start in October.