View Full Version : Outfitters in Rangeley, Maine?

09-14-2011, 23:42
I'm looking for the names/websites of a few outfitters (if any) in Rangeley, Maine for a thru-hiker resupply. I've got a buddy on the trail that will be stopping through and needs some gear - Aquamira and other small items. Would love to be able to pass some addresses along to him to check out.

Thanks for the help!

Don H
09-15-2011, 09:00
Shaw's in Monson had AquaMira for sale. Call them first, they only had one set pack left when I was there a few weeks ago. There was also an outfitter in nearby Greenville. I don't think there is an outfitter in Rangeley.

09-15-2011, 09:44
There is no outfitter per say but there is the Alpine Shop on Maine Street that does carry some gear, clothing and shoes/boots. I think that I remember when I was in there in 2009 that they dod carry Aquamira.

09-15-2011, 10:01
Ecopelagicon (207) 864-2771 recently contacted me and asked to be listed as an "outfitter" in The A.T. Guide. They were already in the book, but are now carrying more stuff for hikers. They mentioned "water filters"...not sure if they have Aquamira.

09-15-2011, 11:02
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Awol - I'll try Ecopelagicon and see what they carry. He will already be in Rangeley to hit the post office, so it would be great it he didn't have to hitch to a neighboring town.

Thanks guys!