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Jack Tarlin
02-22-2005, 20:59
Entirely by accident, I just ran into a guy I know slightly on Main St. here in Hanover.

Dwight is the President of Jetboil, an innovative and highly regarded gear company.

He's interested in hearing from folks who'd like to do some long-term product testing of his gear, especially the Jetboil Personal Cooking System.

Jetboil supplies the stove. What they'd like folks to do is use their stove for an extended period in the field, and then get back to them with feedback. If it works well, they want to know. If you've any problems, they want to know. If you come up with any ideas to improve or adapt the product, they want to know. They'd also like a complete report when you're done with their trip and they want you to be totally honest.

If you're interested, you can write them with details of your hiking plans this spring/summer. You might also want to include such information as what kind of stove you presently use, what you were originally planning to use on your up-coming trip, and why you elected to use the stove you had originally selected. Here's the address:

Charlene@Jetboil dot com

For more information on their products, see www.jetboil.com

This is not, by the way, a freebie gear give-a-way. Dwight is genuinely interested in hearing what folks really think, so please don't accept this offer unless you're willing to hold up your end re. your periodic progress reports, a full review at the end of your trip, etc. Also, be aware that this offer has to be limited, so if you're interested, I'd contact them soon.

Incidentally, I have used all sorts of cannister stoves for years, and I'll be trying out a Jetboil myself this summer. I've heard some very positive things about the stove; I believe it won a 2004 Editor's Choice Award from Backpacker Magazine, which is given to new and innovative products. I'm anxious to see for myself how it performs in the field and I'm looking forward very much to testing it out.

02-24-2005, 12:52
Good morning, AT enthusiasts!

Now that we've begun receiving responses to our request for gear testers, I'd like to offer some general guidelines to make your application easier:

1) We will be limiting our AT field testers to 24. Ideally, we'd prefer all 24 to be thru-hikers, as we're especially interested in learning about long-term usage and wear/tear issues. Non thru-hikers will be placed on a waiting list and, should we not find 24 thru-hikers, we will fill any remaining slots from the waiting list.

2) In order to participate in the program, we ask that you be ready and willing to supply monthly feedback reports for the duration of your hike. Guidelines for these reports will ship with your Jetboil setup, including a memorandum of understanding which we'll ask you to sign & return. Rest assured we'll make this as streamlined and friction-free as possible!

3) Testers will be required to return their Jetboils at the end of the hike so that we may examine the stoves. Jetboil will provide the S&H.

4) Please include, in your application e-mail: Your planned start date; whether you're NOBO or SOBO; your shipping address (so we know where to send your Jetboil); what stove(s) you've used in the past and/or were planning to use for your thru hike; and any other details you'd like us to know. Non thru-hikers should include an outline of their hiking plans for the spring/summer. Those with longer section hikes planned will be given preference should we need to fill our roster from the wait list.

That should cover it. Many thanks for your interest in this program; all of us here at Jetboil are excited to be working with you this year!

Jane Dunbar
Jetboil, Inc.

02-24-2005, 13:41
What's wrong with using http://www.backpackgeartest.org/? Though, I suspose you'd get far more marketing out of your approach.

02-24-2005, 16:19
Alright, gear testing! I have always wanted to do this : ) Unfortunately, I am no longer a thru-hiker. I'm a has been. I just want to say sign me up if you don't get enough thru-hikers. I'm still planning on long-distance and short-distance hikes and if you want to know how the stuff will work at a high altitude I can and will test at 14,000 feet and above. By the way, how are you Jack? I hope everything is going well on the trail. Will we see you at Trail Days?


03-07-2005, 17:22
Thank you to everyone who's contacted us about the gear testing program. At this point, our team is full -- and we're looking forward to reports from the field.

If you were placed on the waiting list, I thank you for your interest and hope you'll consider applying again next year (please watch our Web site for any additional gear testing opportunities).

Wishing you all an enjoyable season on the trail!

Jane Dunbar