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09-19-2011, 21:30
Hey I was planning on doing a one night two day hike on the AT and I was wondering where a good place to start was. I'm taking a two of my friends to try and get them hooked on coming with me more often. so I was looking for a spot with lots of scenic views that is closer to south Jersey. If anyone can give my good advice and maybe even an address to drive there that would be great thanks

Wise Old Owl
09-19-2011, 22:11
South Jersey? not much Delaware Water Gap or even better The Eastern side Mt Tammany to NJ

In NJ 206 CUlvers Lake to High Point keep going till you reach NJ 519 about 15+ miles as the crow flies.

09-19-2011, 22:15
Going from Blue Mountain Lakes to Delaware Water and staying at the Mohican Outdoor Center would be about 10 miles per day, mostly on a ridge, with views from time to time. There is a lake at MOC and Sunfish Pond towards the end (a popular day hiking destination). Going in the opposite direction, you would be starting with a 1000' climb.

Also, get the AT Guide to NY-NJ, 17th edition; it comes with very nice maps.

09-19-2011, 23:31
my first trip was the water gap to high point. thats what hooked me.

what nehiker suggested would be a great trip. its exactly 17.6 miles.
the next option would be starting from culvers gap, but that boosts the miles to just over 28.
if you wanted to go way north, high point to blue mountain lakes is 25 miles.

the nice part about the dwg recreation area is that there are lots of places to make camp, and just about everywhere there are great views of the great state of NJ on one side, and PA on the other.

im actually going out there this weekend for a nice little jaunt between the water gap and high point. im excited to re trace my steps from my first outing.

09-20-2011, 09:51
yeah i heard a lot go good things about high point and i was thinking about doing the extra drive to get there, than i thought in my head about all the massive flooding North Jersey and New York as had since the hurricane and i wasn't sure if it would be flooded. im going up October 7th and 8th and im hoping that the leaves start to change as well.

09-20-2011, 09:57
thanks ill have to go to book store and check that book out

09-20-2011, 12:09
at this point you should have no problems with trail conditions. i left for the catskills the day after irene came through, and the trails were all washed out and there were trees down all over the place. but that was immediatly after the storm and in an area thats less maintained than the AT.
starting at highpoint starts with rolling terrain going south, or a ten mile gradual descent to the north, so like nehiker suggested, you and your buddies wont get slapped in the face by a climb right away

09-20-2011, 14:28
what you think about stokes state forest and going to the fire tower. would that be a nice hike or is it a place that is talked up

09-20-2011, 20:20
I think the NJ portion of the AT is a great place to start. I really like it myself. Lovely glacial pond, a tower, ridge walking with views, some good flat areas, and bears!

09-20-2011, 22:18
Might consider doing the Mount Tammany / Appalachian Trail loop and camp at backpacker camp #2. Go up the Tammany Trail and circle to Sunfish Pond and the camp. Descend on the AT. Parking would be at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Video: Mt. Tammany & Sunfish Pond (http://youtu.be/3DWJII7FXaQ) - njHiking.com

09-20-2011, 22:59
The AT's pretty much clear between DWG and High Point. The remaining diversions are in the eastern part of the trail between Walkill Preserve (Unionville) and Long House Creek Bridge (Upper Greenwood Lake).


09-21-2011, 06:46

If you check the link you will find a few albums with some pics of the AT in the DWG area.

IMO if you have never hiked the area before, Sunfish Pond from the trailhead on I-80 is a logical place to start since it's the beginning of the AT in NJ, and it's a nice hike.
If you continue North from there i think Camp Mohican might be an option for overnight camping. Just North of that you have a nice ridge walk with Catfish Fire Tower to get you some views.

Your choices from that point depend on whether you are doing an outnback or have a second car or shuttle in mind.



09-21-2011, 13:40
Hey man, my first hike on the AT was in Jersey a few years ago, and I got great help from this website. I would recommend what me and my friend did. Started out at the DWG (parking is right off 80) and we finished up at Culvers Gap. Its a great 2 day hike, that passes sun fish pond, tons of good views, a great ridge walk, fire towers, etc. Miles shouldn't be too bad, I really don't remember exactly but i think we did around 10 miles a day. Camped under the catfish fire tower the first night, and at brinks road shelter the next. A very easy and really enjoyable intro to hiking. Good luck, let us know how it was!