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09-24-2011, 17:27
I don't have enough posts to add this to the For Sale category, but I suppose this will work as I'm not selling them.

I have a full set of 2004 AT trail maps that I will give away. All but 4 or so are unused. All I ask is that the shipping costs get paid for, which would be around $10-15. I will send them to you, and then once you get them I will trust you send me reimbursement for the shipping. I held on to them thinking I would use them, but I live a ways from the trail, and am sticking mostly to the western trails now. I'd rather give them to someone who could use them instead of them sitting in a box becoming more outdated each year that goes by.

e-mail me if interested.


09-24-2011, 18:01
The maps are now spoken for.