View Full Version : Fontana Dam N.C.

12-10-2002, 21:11
A word of advice for early thru-hikers that don't use maildrops.

you need to do a maildrop at fontana unless your staying at the Hike Inn, in which case they will shuttle you to another town for grocerys. The General Store in Fontana doesn't open till mid - March. don't plan on them or the gas station to have your cigarette brand either. Also there is no cash machines within 30 miles, however you can buy a stamp at the post office with a debit card and recieve 20 to 50 dollars in change depending on the funds they have availible that day. The hotel rooms are a great deal for thru-hikers tho as they are only around 25 bucks for thru-hikers and the hostel is I think 15 which allows dogs (which you'll have to have shuttled around the smokies at this point anyways). Also when arriving to the road going into Fontana ...... be sure to cross the road and you will see a stand where you can call the outfitter in Fontana to pick you up for a buck or two and take you to the Fontana Inn, Outfitter or P.O. If your going to go to the Hike Inn you need to hike another mile into the park and call for pick-up from the park phone.

From what I hear people like the Hike Inn and the Fontana Inn for different reasons. The Hike Inn is more expensive but they'll shuttle you for P.O. pick-ups and to town for supplys, however they don't have a buffet which the Fontana Inn does 3 times a day. Another note here is that Fontana Village is dry and it cost me and Yang (from hikers yin & yang) 60 bucks for a case of beer since we had to pay to be shuttled into Bryson. The locals can fix you up with some shine as I found out the next day.