View Full Version : Star gazing along the A.T.?

09-29-2011, 16:04
Y'all got any suggestion for good spots to star gaze along the A.T.? Preferably in the southern half, as that's easier for me to get to. Max Patch, etc? Or is the sky got too much light pollution? Thanks.

09-29-2011, 16:30
Max Patch is a great spot. Most of the balds are actually, but I have a soft spot for Max Patch. And light pollution really isn't that bad at all down there.

09-29-2011, 20:04
Free printable monthly star and celestial event charts available at http://skymaps.com/

09-29-2011, 20:10
Had my first real clear star moment on my hike this year at Overmountain shelter. Foggy evening broke into a pleasant, albeit short star gazing opportunity. Also walking skyline drive for a few miles under a moonlit sky is a real

Chaco Taco
09-29-2011, 20:13
Balds are good, but we have always had an issue with very high winds on some. There is a great spot in NC, Rocky Bald. There is a campsite in the woods just before the summit. You can climb right out onto the rocks for some great star gazing and sleep out of the wind.

Blood Mtn, obviously
Siler Bald, can camp at the bottom and walk to the top
Cheoah is magical. There are some cool camp spots up top in the trees. You can watch the sunset from one side and sunrise from the other.
Tons of places at Thomas Knob within a half mile of the shelter to camp. The sunset and star gazing from up on Mt Rogers is pretty amazing