View Full Version : PenMar to Boiling Springs, parking at Boiling Springs?, ticks?

Second Half
10-02-2011, 12:13
Take a look at this 10-day weather forecast for Pennsylvania, we haven't seen this much sun in months:


I'm thinking of doing the PenMar to Boiling Springs section, probably starting on Wednesday. For most of you guys this is probably an easy 3 day hike, for the shape I'm in it's more like a week! Is there a safe place I can leave a car in B.S. for the duration?

Also, how are the ticks this time of year? Of all the critters out there they scare me the most.


10-02-2011, 12:35
You can leave your car in Boiliing Spriings (aka Bubbletown to the locals). Obtain a parking permit from the AT Regional office on the trail in center-Bubbletown, near the lake. The designated long-term parking area was to be paved last August during which time there would be no parking but other than that you should be in good shape. For more and latest info contact the AT office. If you are in the Pine Grove Furnace SP area on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (noon - 4PM) be sure to visit the AT Museum, it's on the trail so you can't miss it. Have a great hike!

Don H
10-02-2011, 16:01
Did that stretch last week and didn't see any ticks. Doesn't mean they aren't there though, especially in the fields south of Boiling Springs.