View Full Version : Best camera for a AT hike thru???

10-02-2011, 22:23
I want to get alot of good pictures and videos for the AT. I would like to document it. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on cameras. I am really leaning towards the Nikion D3100 but I dont know if it will hold up in the weather. Any advice or suggestions is apprecated. Thanks

10-02-2011, 22:33
I've been carrying my D40 and most recently D5100. Have to take precautions when it rains, but otherwise I have had no problems. Pocket cameras are more convenient, but the photos do not match the quality that is possible with a dSLR or film SLR.

Sarcasm the elf
10-02-2011, 22:37
I don't have experience with any weatherproof DSLR's but if you decided to go the lower grade route, the Olympus Stylus Tough line offers a great point and shoot option with okay video that is very weatherproof and will stand up to temperatures on the average thru hike. The photos are decent, though not as good as an SLR, but the camera will be reliable even if it gets abused.

Wise Old Owl
10-03-2011, 01:40
I thought about weigh in, before anyone posts about using phones for photos or video - although I love the convenience of emailing these little photos to friends, keep in mind that that most folks are looking for candids of fellow hikers and landscapes of the trip... some of you will want to get back in the picture. Propping on a rock or a tree branch will get you back in the picture with a timer. I however now have modified a hiking stick into a mono pod by adding an aluminum screw and with help from fellow members discovered the pro stick adapter for sliding the camera on the other end.

So I will put this example that I carefully slid the two images together both are UNTOUCHED one taken with a smart phone the Motorola Aptiva and the other with a popular digital. Notice the difference with detail, color, and size. In reality the smart phone picture is fine for digital frames and display on computers - a 4x6 printed on paper though would suck. The colors and a little detail can be repaired, but in my opinion - not worth it. So its up to you to decide what features and benefits are important to you.

A = Smart Phone
B = the Point Shoot and both are showing data actual size. The lens is 50% larger and I would guess with the stabilization off so is the pic. The difference appears to be 1/4 larger than the other... FYI when dumped into Photo Bucket - some of the data is stripped - but the result is the same... this image is some 20+ inches across in Photoshop - I wrote down the details - but it doesn't matter, look at the difference HOPE THIS HELPS.