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Buffalo Skipper
10-03-2011, 15:21
Greetings gear aficionados!

I am working with a small group of Boy Scouts who will be doing a 10 day trek this summer at Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico. I have spent some time researching gear, and in about 2 weeks I will be having a discussion with them on how to pack a lighweight pack.

For this thread, I am looking for some affordable, light-weight Sleeping Bags to "offer" to them. I expect the scouts and their families to do some research and purchase what they can afford, but I want to get up a sample list for them to use as a resource. Again, my primary concerns are cost and weight, two things that don't always come together.

A good sleeping bag may well be the most expensive single piece of gear they carry. Conditions where they are going are likely to be down to the 40s at night, possibly the upper 30s.

I will be offering the address of this thread for all the scouts and parents to follow, so, what do you all recomend? Thanks in advance.

10-03-2011, 15:30
Campmor down bag, unless you can find a kelty Cosmic 30 on sale. Doug Prosser used to have a great article on BPL listing gear, why you need it, and where to buy it.

Buffalo Skipper
10-03-2011, 15:53
Thanks skinewmexico. I have read Doug's article and have it bookmarked on all my computers. Re-read it every so often to keep if fresh. Great resource. I am hoping to beat his weights with some of my scouts. My main goal here is to point the scouts and parents to some good examples of reasonably priced, lightweight bags which will serve them not only at Philmont, but for years to come.

10-03-2011, 22:14
I believe that Campmor also gives a discount to the Scouts, which will lower the cost even more.

Buffalo Skipper
10-04-2011, 09:06
Thanks for the tip, 4Bears. I have not seriously looked at Campmor for this.

Any suggestions on what specific bags would be lightweight and reasonably priced? I think we want to target sub 3 lb bags, probably rated 20 - 35.

10-04-2011, 11:12
Kelty Cosmic 20 as $89 at Campmor. Great review on BPL. ULA and Gossamer Gear also give Scout discounts.

10-07-2011, 09:33
Campmor does give Troops a discount. You have to register with Campmor first, give them a call.

Buffalo Skipper
10-10-2011, 11:12
Here are the top 3 bags I have been able to find, based upon weight and a reasonable cost. Please comment on these budget bags, or any others you may know of which are at least similarly priced.


Sleeping Bag

Weight (r)



Kelty Cosmic 20(550 f down)

40 oz



Downtime 20(600 f down)

46 oz



Silver City 30

34 oz


Old Hiker
10-10-2011, 11:46
Go to Amazon.com and start searching there, as well. I always go to Camp-Mor 1st, then plug those bargains into Amazon. With one membership (Amazon Prime), you get free 2nd day shipping. Keep looking at Steepandcheap.com as well! Got some great bargains on tents and bags there, too. You just have to be watching at the right time or have the pop-up installed on your computer.

Good luck!

10-10-2011, 13:16
One topic I'd definitely consider is bulk of sleeping bag. Synthetic bags (in particular) can be pretty bulky and could easily be too big to fit into your pack with all of your gear. They'll be tempted to get a cheap one but bulk (along with weight, price) is also a factor. I ended up replacing a sleeping bag after I got a new pack :) .


10-10-2011, 19:24
Scoutdirect.com. This is the Boy Scout supply subsidiary of Alpsmountaineering.com. You can supply an entire troop at 45% off. tent, bags, packs.... Check it out...

Buffalo Skipper
10-11-2011, 09:18
Scoutdirect.com. This is the Boy Scout supply subsidiary of Alpsmountaineering.com. You can supply an entire troop at 45% off. tent, bags, packs.... Check it out...

Actually, ScoutDirect allows a unit ot make a one time purchase at 55% off. After that all purchases are at 45% discount for both the troop and all the individuals in it.

Unfortunately the lightest bag Alps/SD sells is 4-5 lbs. We bought a Clearwater 20, which I have weighed at 70 oz! They do make an interesting backpack, the Orizaba 3300, which weighs in at 3lbs 9 oz, sizes down to a 13" torso, 26" waist, and costs only 71.50 with scout discount, which is a bargin. But this is a sleeping bag discussion; we can discuss pack later. :)

10-11-2011, 09:26
That Kelty Cosmic review on BPL made it look like the perfect Scout bag - light, warm, and affordable.